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The Pensacola NAPA AutoCare Select Service Centers are a group of independent & family owned businesses. We work together to ensure that we provide you with the best auto repair services in your area.


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In the northern Florida region, the weather can be harsh, wet and humid. Many of the tools made by human beings tend to suffer in these conditions, whether they’re a state of the art smart phone or a child’s wagon. This is particularly true of the devices Floridians need to get by in their daily lives, whether it’s the climate control systems that make summer bearable or the flood control channels that are periodically overwhelmed by the sheer amount of water the region gets. And yet, even when these devices fall into disrepair, they absolutely must be repaired for life to continue on as normal.

Among other essential modern devices that the northern Florida climate is harsh on is the automobile. Fortunately, in the northern Florida panhandle, help is available to keep one’s automobile functioning at its best all year round, whether it’s the relatively calm winter season, the incredibly wet spring season or the sweltering and intensely humid summer season. Because auto care is important year round, it makes sense that one will want to know where their nearest autocare center to get their automobile repairs done, particularly at an auto garage they know they can trust with such an important piece of their daily lives.

Auto repair in Pensacola, auto repair in Gulf Breeze and auto repair in Milton can all be handled by our company. We represent nine NAPA Auto Care Center franchise locations in the Florida Panhandle area that are dedicated to ensuring that your car, truck or motorcycle can survive the onslaught of the Florida elements. Among our car and truck repair services, we offer tune ups, belt and hose replacements, cooling system flushing, a wide range of tire services, wheel alignment, oil and lube replacements and a wide range of other preventative services to ensure that your car will last for years on end.

Our service centers also offer access to state mandated smog and emissions testing, which is of particular note in Florida as a number of environmental protection measures have gone into effect over the years intended to protect the state’s delicate wetlands ecosystem. While this has had its ups and downs over the years, it does mean that the state of Florida is dedicated to ensuring that the vehicles on its roads meet EPA standards to ensure the health and safety of both humans and their lands. We can provide all the smog and emissions certification testing you might need to keep your wheels on the road in the cleanest way possible.

We also offer a wide range of repair services and can handle repairing many different systems. Our advanced vehicle diagnostic services will be able to pinpoint nearly any typical and some atypical problems in any vehicle. We also offer those essential towing and battery services that can make the absolute disaster of a car breakdown on the road into a noticeably less terrifying and frantic event. And all our work is backed by the renowned NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty, meaning that we stand behind our work whole-heartedly.

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Maintaining and repairing today’s vehicles can be a pleasant experience when you deal with professionals. Your local NAPA AutoCare Center team can recommend a preventive maintenance program that is right for each vehicle your family owns, saving you time and money in the long run.

In addition, the Pensacola NAPA AutoCare Select Service Centers offer promotional specials which are available only at NAPA AutoCare Centers in the Pensacola, FL, area.


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To increase the NAPA AutoCare Brand Awareness in Pensacola while enhancing the service we provide by sponsoring training for technicians, service writers and owners.

National Warranty

All NAPA AutoCare Centers offer a 24 month/24,000 mile nationwide “Peace of Mind” warranty that is supported by over 14,000 AutoCare Centers across the country.

NAPA Select Service Centers of NW Florida Pensacola is located at 4011 Navy Blvd Pensacola, FL 32507

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